Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values



Long, long time ago, in the earliest times, there was a courageous man. One day he saw a white yurt in an uninhabited place and every morning sounds came from it. One day he came into the yurt and saw a golden princess there. The next morning he went to a hight mountain on the right side of the yurt and began watching the yurt. In doing so, he saw the princess hopped out of the yurt and ran straight to the ash heap and turned out into an ordinary archer.
When the times came for big archery competition, everybody, hearing and admiring the sounds of the bowstring, forgot about their everyday activities and went to watch the competition. The person who was competing with the princess took her bowstring and tore it in order to defeat her.
The wind in the sky learned about all this, came with force, rolled the black wool into a black cloud, the white wool into the white cloud and spun them around in a whirlwind. The competitor was immobilized, standing on one place, and turned into a stone statue. The archers began whistling sygyt and the echo of the cliff carried it further and further.
From that time, this place has been called yaar turug, “singing rock” and that was how the style sygyt originated from the imitation of sound of bowstring.

Konstantin Khlynov




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