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Tuvans living in southern Siberia, the Russian Federation, is a community of Turkish origin. Unlike other Turkish communities have the Buddhist faith. Shamanism in Tuva live lives as well. However, with the recognition of the world ‘s most important cultural elements Tuvans their own types of music.
There are two types of Tuvan music: first “ırlar”, folk songs known to all Turkish communities. “Kojamık” referred to the so-called type, the more improvised and sung by bickering, beat faster when compared to a form of folk song. However, with the recognition of Tuva and the second kind of wake-up music, music from around the world wonder, he could say to those skilled melodies throat.
The tradition of throat singing Tuvans, Khakas neighbors, Altays, Yakutsk, the Mongols, and even in different parts of the world are also available. But the reality of a world-recognized performers, the best song of throat is the most common way in Tuva Tuva throat is said to songs. Höömey generally known as the four main types of songs Tuva throat. These species kargıraa, borbannadyr, sygyt, and is referred to as ezengileer. This slow and fast rhythm of the song names on whether throat, varies according to instruments used in rhythm.
Tuvans these types of music in the West, especially the United States catches your interest, this style is a mixture of jazz music are newer reviews. Master of this genre of music because of Tuva culture commentators carriage making in various parts of the world, using music as an element of a culture that promotes country and its people in various
countries around the world.

Prof. Dr. Ekrem ARIKOĞLU

“The Tuvans will ride into your brain and leave hoofprints up and down your spine.”

The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Huun Huur Tu


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