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Throat singing styles

There are various techniques of khoomei, some giving the effect of multiple tones by emphasizing overtones. Some famous groups from Tuva who feature throat-singing are Huun-Huur-Tu, Chirgilchin and the Alash Ensemble and National Tuvan Orchestra.

Throat singing styles are endless, but generally Tuvan’s recognize five styles:
1. Khoomei (Xoomei) is a midrange style, featuring a subtle overtone melody. It can be used with singing worlds.
2. Borbangnadyr is a rolling style reminiscent of water in a stream.
3. Sygyt is high overtone whistle.
4. Kargyraa is a low, rumbling style
5. Ezengileer is style that imitates the metallic clanging of ezengi.

Some Instruments:
1. Igil is two a stringed bowed instrument held between the legs. Igil could be like the great-great grandpa of the cello.
2. Doshpuluur is a three-stringed instrument. The front and back are made of skin.
3. Byzaanchy meaning “calf” four-stringed bowed instrument.
4. Mergu is end blown overtone flute
5. Limpi is open side six-hole flute.
6. Shynggyrash is basically bells made from horse tackle.
7. Kengirge is large frame drum. First introduced by Tibetan Buddhist and both sides are made of goatskin.


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