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Shamanism and Music

People may have different opinions of shamanism and its music, but nobody can completely ignore this phenomenon. Although music is only one layer of shamanic culture, being rooted in the humanity and folklore images and can be called as a ‘Forefather’ of modern literature as well as roots nature interrelated in all its diversity of centuries. While preparing for a shamanic ritual, the shaman has to throat-sing a sygyt piece. The symbolic essence of sygyt is to help the soul call his spirit-helpers.The shaman sets up a soundscape using the natural setting: rustling breezes, bird calls, voices of domestic animals. Music helps the shaman and other participants in kamlanie to locate and enter the inner world, opening the inner spiritual ear. Secondly, musical sounds call spirits and transport the shaman on a journey. Thirdly, both the rhythm and timbre of the musical sound help the patient through the effects of specific frequencies of the human body and promote healing.Throat singing (Khoomei) is one of many ancient arts. Some people believe that khoomei was birthed from a desire to speak the language of nature, translating the earthly sounds of a whistling wind, rivers and gurgling brooks into human tones supported by spirits. This very unusual singing technique involves a single vocalist producing two and sometimes three distinct tones simultaneously.
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