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Tuva, Beautiful and Mysterious…

Tuva is a small republic in the heart of Asia – a region that is unique and extraordinary in its beauty and natural resources. It is there where you can find five geographical zones – from the Southern Siberia taiga forests to the Central Asia semi-deserts – and meet such neighbors as the inhabitant of mountain peaks, the snow leopard, and the “ship of the desert”, the camel.

Tuva enables you to travel across the alpine meadows, tundra, forest-steppe zone and deserts just in a day or two. Tuva has more than eight thousand lakes, 100 of which are the big ones. Its territory is a complex system of mountain ranges where the great river Yenisei is born, highlands, deserts and semi-deserts with valleys between them. The mountains are covered with taiga, but you can also come across completely bold and dazzling white rocks.

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Tuvinian Girl

Tuvinian Girl


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